Collation of witnesses to 3.1 Dialogus

The following collation was made using the program Collate.

The text running down the left is the text adopted by the editors when the collation was made; however, 
the text of the edition may have changed since -- please check the PDF of the printed text.

"Ww" means all the witnesses. For the meaning of other sigla see Witnesses to the text: sigla and descriptions

Words flanked by
"[d] . . . [/d] " are deleted in the manuscript; by
"[m] . . . [/m] " are inserted in the margin; by
"[b] . . . [/b] " are inserted between lines; by
"[q] . . . [/q] " are difficult to read; by
"[s] . . . [/s] " are drawn from a modern version of a quoted text; by
"[com] . . . [/com] " are a comment by the editor.

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3 (Note: In this file additions pertain to the previous line.)
Book 4 (In this file also additions pertain to the previous line.)