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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 98

Ireland North and South: Perspectives from Social Science

edited by Anthony F Heath, Richard Breen & Christopher T Whelan

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Anthony F Heath, Richard Breen & Christopher T Whelan Preface xiii ARTICLE 
David B Rottman Problems of, and Prospects for, Comparing the Two Irelands 1-33 ARTICLE 
John Bradley The History of Economic Development in Ireland, North and South 35-68 ARTICLE 
D A Coleman Demography and Migration in Ireland, North and South 69-115 ARTICLE 
Tony Fahey & Eithne McLaughlin Family and State 117-140 ARTICLE 
Andrew Greeley The Religions of Ireland 141-160 ARTICLE 
John D Brewer, Bill Lockhart & Paula Rodgers Crime in Ireland 1945–95 161-186 ARTICLE 
Richard Breen, Anthony F Heath & Christopher T Whelan Educational Inequality in Ireland, North and South 187-213 ARTICLE 
Philip J O’Connell Sick Man or Tigress? The Labour Market in the Republic of Ireland 215-249 ARTICLE 
Graham Gudgin The Northern Ireland Labour Market 251-284 ARTICLE 
Pat O’Connor & Sally Shortall Does the Border Make the Difference? Variations in Women’s Paid Employment, North and South 285-318 ARTICLE 
Richard Breen & Christopher T Whelan Social Mobility in Ireland: A Comparative Analysis 319-339 ARTICLE 
Paul Teague & John McCartney Industrial Relations in the Two Irish Economies 341-368 ARTICLE 
Brian Girvin Nationalism and the Continuation of Political Conflict in Ireland 369-399 ARTICLE 
Paul Bew The Political History of Northern Ireland since Partition: The Prospects for North-South Co-operation 401-418 ARTICLE 
Geoffrey Evans & Richard Sinnott Political Cleavages and Party Alignments in Ireland, North and South 419-456 ARTICLE 
Bernadette C Hayes & Ian McAllister Generations, Prejudice and Politics in Northen Ireland 457-491 ARTICLE 
Anthony F Heath, Richard Breen & Christopher T Whelan Conclusions 493-516 ARTICLE 

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