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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 90

1995 Lectures and Memoirs

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R Geraint Gruffydd Wales’s Second Grammarian: Dafydd Ddu of Hiraddug   [Rhys] 1-28 ARTICLE 
Alastair Fowler Shakespeare’s Renaissance Realism   [Shakespeare] 29-64 ARTICLE 
Martin Butler ‘Servant, but not Slave’: Ben Jonson at the Jacobean Court   [Chatterton] 65-93 ARTICLE 
Gerald Hammond Edward Thomas, Robert Frost and the Uses of Negation   [Warton] 95-127 ARTICLE 
Dawn Ades Marcel Duchamp and the Paradox of Modernity   [Art] 129-145 ARTICLE 
Peter G Stein The Quest for a Systematic Civil Law   [Maccabaean] 147-164 ARTICLE 
Partha Dasgupta The Economics of the Environment [with discussion by Christopher Bliss and Scott Barrett]   [Keynes] 165-221 ARTICLE 
Ralf Dahrendorf Prosperity, Civility and Liberty: Can We Square the Circle?   [Thank-Offering] 223-235 ARTICLE 
Peter Ladefoged † David Abercrombie, 1909–1992 239-248 ARTICLE 
David McClean † James Norman Dalrymple Anderson, 1908–1994 251-263 ARTICLE 
Clive Scott † Lloyd James Austin, 1915–1994 267-279 ARTICLE 
William McKane † Matthew Black, 1908–1994 283-294 ARTICLE 
Leo Salingar † Muriel Clara Bradbrook, 1909–1993 297-316 ARTICLE 
David Worswick † Ernest Henry Phelps Brown, 1906–1994 319-344 ARTICLE 
Hugh Berrington † Samuel Edward Finer, 1915–1993 347-364 ARTICLE 
Christopher White † John Arthur Giles Gere, 1921–1995 367-388 ARTICLE 
John Larner † Denys Hay, 1915–1994 391-410 ARTICLE 
David Blackbourn † James Bysse Joll, 1918–1994 413-437 ARTICLE 
Paul Brand † George Osborne Sayles, 1901–1994 441-463 ARTICLE 
Howard Colvin † John Newenham Summerson, 1904–1992 467-495 ARTICLE 
J Parry Lewis † Brinley Thomas, 1906–1994 499-517 ARTICLE 
E J Hobsbawm † Edward Palmer Thompson, 1924–1993 521-539 ARTICLE 
R H Robins † Ralph Lilley Turner, 1888–1983 543-553 ARTICLE 
David Rosand † Rudolf Wittkower, 1901–1971 557-570 ARTICLE 

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