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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 79

The Development of Industrial Society in Ireland

edited by J H Goldthorpe & C T Whelan

Volume published 1992 To open a PDF file, click on ARTICLE




John H Goldthorpe & Christopher T Whelan Introduction 1-3 ARTICLE 
Kieran A Kennedy The Context of Economic Development 5-29 ARTICLE 
Eoin O’Malley Problems of Industrialisation in Ireland 31-52 ARTICLE 
D A Coleman The Demographic Transition in Ireland in International Context 53-77 ARTICLE 
Damian F Hannan & Patrick Commins The Significance of Small-scale Landholders in Ireland’s Socio-economic Transformation 79-104 ARTICLE 
Christopher T Whelan, Richard Breen & Brendan J Whelan Industrialisation, Class Formation and Social Mobility in Ireland 105-128 ARTICLE 
Richard Breen & Christopher T Whelan Explaining the Irish Pattern of Social Fluidity: The Role of the Political 129-151 ARTICLE 
Brendan Halpin Change in Intragenerational Mobility in the Republic of Ireland 153-172 ARTICLE 
Tim Callan & Brian Nolan Income Distribution and Redistribution: Ireland in Comparative Perspective 173-203 ARTICLE 
Philip J O’Connell & David B Rottman The Irish Welfare State in Comparative Perspective 205-239 ARTICLE 
Tony Fahey Catholicism and Industrial Society in Ireland 241-263 ARTICLE 
Michael P Hornsby-Smith Social and Religious Transformations in Ireland: A Case of Secularisation? 265-290 ARTICLE 
William K Roche The Liberal Theory of Industrialism and the Development of Industrial Relations in Ireland 291-327 ARTICLE 
Niamh Hardiman The State and Economic Interests: Ireland in Comparative Perspective 329-358 ARTICLE 
Michael Laver Are Irish Parties Peculiar? 359-381 ARTICLE 
Peter Mair Explaining the Absence of Class Politics in Ireland 383-410 ARTICLE 
John H Goldthorpe The Theory of Industrialism and the Irish Case 411-431 ARTICLE 

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