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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 77

New Developments in Archaeological Science

edited by A M Pollard

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A M Pollard Preface viii ARTICLE 
M J Aitken Introduction 1-2 ARTICLE 
M G L Baillie Dendrochronology and Past Environmental Change 5-23 ARTICLE 
B E Berglund Landscape Reconstructions in South Sweden for the Past 6000 Years 25-37 ARTICLE 
M-A Courty Soil Micromorphology in Archaeology 39-59 ARTICLE 
N H Gale & Z A Stos-Gale Lead Isotope Studies in the Aegean (The British Academy Project) 63-108 ARTICLE 
P T Craddock New Views of Early Mining and Extractive Metallurgy [summary] 109-110 ARTICLE 
M S Tite The Impact of Electron Microscopy on Ceramic Studies 111-131 ARTICLE 
O Williams-Thorpe & R S Thorpe Geochemistry, Sources and Transport of the Stonehenge Bluestones 133-161 ARTICLE 
C R Orton & P A Tyers Counting Broken Objects: The Statistics of Ceramic Assemblages 163-184 ARTICLE 
R P Evershed, C Heron, S Charters & L J Goad The Survival of Food Residues: New Methods of Analysis, Interpretation and Application 187-208 ARTICLE 
M K Jones Food Remains, Food Webs and Ecosystems 209-219 ARTICLE 
I Shennan & D N M Donoghue Remote Sensing in Archaeological Research 223-232 ARTICLE 
A Aspinall New Developments in Geophysical Prospection 233-244 ARTICLE 
N J van der Merwe Light Stable Isotopes and the Reconstruction of Prehistoric Diets 247-264 ARTICLE 
P E Hare Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes and the Amino Acid Biogeochemistry of Fossil Bone and Teeth [summary] 265  
R E M Hedges & B C Sykes Biomolecular Archaeology: Past, Present and Future 267-283 ARTICLE 
A C Renfrew The Identity and Future of Archaeological Science 285-293 ARTICLE 

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