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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 76

1990 Lectures and Memoirs

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Quentin Skinner Thomas Hobbes: Rhetoric and the Construction of Morality   [Dawes Hicks] 1-61 ARTICLE 
F Furet Michelet   [Master-Mind] 63-72 ARTICLE 
Michael Leslie Edmund Spenser: Art and The Faerie Queene   [Chatterton] 73-107 ARTICLE 
Barbara Everett The Fatness of Falstaff: Shakespeare and Character   [Shakespeare] 109-128 ARTICLE 
R J Mercer The Highland Zone: Reaction and Reality 5000 BC-2000 AD   [Wheeler] 129-150 ARTICLE 
Richard Hodder-Williams Politics, the Constitution and Abortion   [Phillips] 151-169 ARTICLE 
J Mordaunt Crook Coventry Patmore and the Aesthetics of Architecture   [Art] 171-201 ARTICLE 
Jill Mann Anger and ‘Glosynge’ in the Canterbury Tales   [Gollancz] 203-223 ARTICLE 
Donald Davie Basil Bunting and his Masters   [Warton] 225-236 ARTICLE 
T C Smout The Highlands and the Roots of Green Consciousness, 1750–1990   [Raleigh] 237-264 ARTICLE 
Edward Craig Advice to Philosophers: Three New Leaves to Turn Over   [Philosophical] 265-281 ARTICLE 
J C R Dow The High-wage Theory of Unemployment: Theory and British Experience 1920–89   [Keynes] 283-309 ARTICLE 
Nigel Wilson † Thomas William Allen, 1862–1950 311-319 ARTICLE 
John Curtis † Richard David Barnett, 1909–1986 321-345 ARTICLE 
Ian Stewart † Christopher Evelyn Blunt, 1904–1987 347-381 ARTICLE 
Leonard Forster † Walter Horace Bruford, 1894–1988 383-394 ARTICLE 
Kathleen Lea † Helen Gardner, 1908–1986 395-409 ARTICLE 
W H C Frend † Richard Patrick Crossland Hanson, 1916–1988 411-422 ARTICLE 
Luigi L Pasinetti † Richard Ferdinand Kahn, 1905–1989 423-443 ARTICLE 
Rupert Bruce-Mitford † Thomas Downing Kendrick, 1895–1979 445-471 ARTICLE 
Barry Nicholas † Frederick Henry Lawson, 1897–1983 473-485 ARTICLE 
John McDowell † John Leslie Mackie, 1917–1981 487-498 ARTICLE 
David Oates † Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan, 1904–1978 499-511 ARTICLE 
Arnold Taylor † John Nowell Linton Myres, 1902–1989 513-527 ARTICLE 
J A Gere † Philip Pouncey, 1910–1990 529-544 ARTICLE 
Alec Cairncross † Richard Sidney Sayers, 1908–1989 545-561 ARTICLE 

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