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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 73


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Michael Hart The SERC Experiment in Science-based Archaeology   [Wheeler] 1-21 ARTICLE 
Michael Woods Plato’s Division of the Soul   [Dawes Hicks] 23-47 ARTICLE 
Lord Carver Strategy in the Twentieth Century   [Thank-Offering] 49-68 ARTICLE 
C J Becker Farms and Villages in Denmark from the Late Bronze Age to the Viking Period   [Reckitt] 69-95 ARTICLE 
E M Jope Celtic Art: Expressiveness and Communication through 2500 Years   [Rhys] 97-123 ARTICLE 
Stanley Wells Tales from Shakespeare   [Shakespeare] 125-152 ARTICLE 
Christopher Peacocke Understanding Logical Constants: A Realist’s Account   [Philosophical] 153-199 ARTICLE 
Iain Fenlon Lepanto: The Arts of Celebration in Renaissance Venice   [Italian] 201-235 ARTICLE 
G D N Worswick Industrial Change and Unemployment   [Keynes] 237-258 ARTICLE 
D R Karlin Whitman: The Civil War Poems   [Chatterton] 259-283 ARTICLE 
Lord Mackay of Clashfern Can Judges Change the Law?   [Maccabaean] 285-308 ARTICLE 
David Dilks ‘We Must Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst’: The Prime Minister, the Cabinet and Hitler’s Germany, 1937–1939   [Raleigh] 309-352 ARTICLE 
Derek Attridge Poetry Unbound? Observations on Free Verse   [Warton, 1988] 353-373 ARTICLE 
O R Jones † Richard Ithamar Aaron, 1901–1987 375-390 ARTICLE 
Nigel Fortune † Denis Midgley Arnold, 1926–1986 391-410 ARTICLE 
Alec Cairncross † Sydney George Checkland, 1916–1986 411-423 ARTICLE 
C N L Brooke † Christopher Robert Cheney, 1906–1987 425-446 ARTICLE 
J A Barnes † Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard, 1902–1973 447-489 ARTICLE 
Peter G Stein & John C Hall † Richard Meredith Jackson, 1903–1986 491-503 ARTICLE 
D M Lewis † Lilian Hamilton Jeffery, 1915–1986 505-516 ARTICLE 
A P Thirlwall † Nicholas Kaldor, 1908–1986 517-566 ARTICLE 
J E C Williams † Thomas Parry, 1904–1985 567-599 ARTICLE 
Henry Phelps Brown † Lionel Charles Robbins, 1898–1984 601-629 ARTICLE 
Dimitri Obolensky † George Hugh Nicholas Seton-Watson, 1916–1984 631-641 ARTICLE 
Francis Haskell † Jean Joseph Seznec, 1905–1983 643-655 ARTICLE 
Giles Barber † Robert Shackleton, 1919–1986 657-684 ARTICLE 
P J Parsons † Eric Gardner Turner, 1911–1983 685-704 ARTICLE 
D A Russell † Richard Rudolf Walzer, 1902–1975 705-710 ARTICLE 

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