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Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 111

2000 Lectures and Memoirs

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M F Burnyeat Plato   [Master-Mind] 1-22 ARTICLE 
David W Phillipson Aksum: An African Civilisation in its World Contexts   [Reckitt] 23-59 ARTICLE 
Michael Lapidge Beowulf and Perception   [Gollancz] 61-97 ARTICLE 
Graham Bradshaw Shakespeare’s Peculiarity   [Shakespeare, 1997] 99-126 ARTICLE 
Peter Holland Beginning in the Middle   [Shakespeare] 127-155 ARTICLE 
Margaret Kean Waiting for God: John Milton’s Poems of 1671   [Chatterton] 157-177 ARTICLE 
Malcolm Yapp The Legend of the Great Game   [Kedourie] 179-198 ARTICLE 
Shula Marks White Masculinity: Jan Smuts, Race and the South African War   [Raleigh] 199-223 ARTICLE 
Helen Vendler Wallace Stevens: Hypotheses and Contradictions   [Warton] 225-244 ARTICLE 
John Sutton Rich Trades, Scarce Capabilities: Industrial Development Revisited [with discussion by Keith Pavitt and Bruce Lyons]   [Keynes] 245-273 ARTICLE 
The Right Honourable the Lord Irvine of Lairg The Law: an Engine for Trade   [Thank-Offering] 275-296 ARTICLE 
Dan Sperber Conceptual Tools for a Natural Science of Society and Culture   [Radcliffe-Brown, 1999] 297-317 ARTICLE 
Amartya Sen Other People   [British Academy] 319-335 ARTICLE 
Brian Trowell † Gerald Ernest Heal Abraham, 1904–1988 339-393 ARTICLE 
David Ganz † Terence Alan Martyn Bishop, 1907–1994 397-410 ARTICLE 
John Blacker † William Brass, 1921–1999 413-426 ARTICLE 
Peter Stein † David Daube, 1909–1999 429-444 ARTICLE 
Robert Parker † Geoffrey Ernest Maurice de Ste. Croix, 1910–2000 447-478 ARTICLE 
Giulio Lepschy † Carlo Dionisotti, 1908–1998 481-496 ARTICLE 
Alasdair MacIntyre † John Niemeyer Findlay, 1903–1987 499-512 ARTICLE 
Peter Strawson & David Wiggins † Herbert Paul Grice, 1913–1988 515-528 ARTICLE 
Michael Mallett † John Rigby Hale, 1923–1999 531-550 ARTICLE 
E A J Honigmann † Harold Jenkins, 1909–2000 553-572 ARTICLE 
Claire Lamont † Mary Madge Lascelles, 1900–1995 575-591 ARTICLE 
J Desmond Clark † Mary Douglas Leakey, 1913–1996 595-614 ARTICLE 
Patricia Pugh † Margery Freda Perham, 1895–1982 617-633 ARTICLE 
Roger Hood † Leon Radzinowicz, 1906–1999 637-655 ARTICLE 
Michael Winterbottom † Leighton Durham Reynolds, 1930–1999 659-676 ARTICLE 
R A Markus † Edward Arthur Thompson, 1914–1994 679-693 ARTICLE 
D Ellis Evans † John Ellis Caerwyn Williams, 1912–1999 697-716 ARTICLE 

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