Conventions in collations

Three sets of conventions relating to collations will be found in this web site --

Collations with lemmata (*thus*) and variants {thus}

Collations with lemmata unmarked and variants {thus}

Other collations

"Tx" is the text adopted by the editors.

Words flanked
by "[d]. . . [/d]" are deleted in the manuscript;
by "[m]. . . [/m]" are inserted in the margin;
by "[b]. . . [/b]" are inserted between lines;
by "[q]. . . [/q]" are difficult to read;
by "[s]. . . [/s]" are drawn from a modern version of a quoted text;
by "[c]. . . [/c]" are a comment by the editor.
"[***]" or "[]", or simply the omission of words, means that a word or phrase is missing from the witness.


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